Convinced of the need for her native Trinidad to diversify its economy, Laura Superville was keen to set up a business based on local produce. The result is a range of wines based on the aroma and taste of tropical fruits, which has opened up a new career path for this young agripreneur, as well as job opportunities for other members of the community.

Laura Superville has long been interested in exploring opportunities for economic diversification in her native Trinidad, especially options that promote her country’s landscape and local products. So when she began investigating the market for a new business venture, after finishing a degree in environmental management, it was no coincidence that she opted to open a boutique winery based on home-grown tropical fruits.

Superville’s agribusiness is called 11DegN, a shortened version of 11 Degrees North, which is the geographic position of Trinidad and Tobago. The name of her company reflects the strong importance Superville attributes to its place of origin. The wines she produces are made from five top quality fruits sourced from local estates – sorrel, pommerac, five finger, cashew and jamun.

“Trinidad and Tobago has a unique environment and wealth of natural resources for producing fruits, flowers and spices used in wine production,” explains the 34-year-old agripreneur. “The brand name 11DegN demonstrates that the sensory evaluation, richness, texture, complexity and vibrancy of wines are due to the inputs from this location.”

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